rec-def-0.2.1: Recursively defined values

rec-def-0.2.1: Recursively defined values

This library provides safe APIs that allow you to define and calculate values recursively, and still get a result out:

let s1 = RS.insert 23 s2
    s2 = RS.insert 42 s1
in RS.get s1

will not loop, but rather produces the set fromList [23,42]

See Data.Recursive.Examples for more examples, or just browse the modules

More APIs (e.g. for maps or Natural) can be added over time, as need and good use-cases arise.

For the (unsafe) building blocks to build such APIs, see

The library is not (yet) focussed on performance, and uses a rather naive propagator implementation. Expect this to be slow if you have large graphs. This may be improved in the future (e.g. by propagating only deltas, and accumulating deltas before applying a function), but for now the focus is on foremost providing this capability in the first place and getting the user-facing API right.